Friday, 7 December 2012

[Pre-order] BLAQ% Concert Official Goods. (Limited)

White Tshirt (L/M) RM75
~no,you cannot buy the boys..just tshirt kekekeke~

Tshirt Black (L/M) RM75
Eco Bag RM60

Pouch RM60
Postcard A/B/C RM45 each set. (buy 2 packets and above for RM40)
Hairband not available.

Hand Towel RM45

Light stick RM65
Sticker A/B RM35 each type

Please be informed that this pre-order will be in a short period.
All price stated is only estimated price including shipping from Korea to Malaysia and postage fee to your house. If I get many orders the cheaper price we can get, or else you need to pay more to cover the cost.
These items also are very limited stock. If the item that you want is out of stock,I will refund your money.

To order, please pay at this account first,
Bank Account

Paypal: (overseas fans only)

and then fill in this form

Sunday 23/12/2012

For overseas fans if you're interested, I can only ship to Brunei & Singapore.
Shipping cost will be confirm later, just pay for the item first.

Any question please email me at

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