Sunday, 13 January 2013

[PROJECT] MBLAQ LeeJoon 26th Birthday.

MBLAQ LEEJOON Birthday Project!

We want to give LeeJoon presents for 26th (Korean age) birthday.
But we need money to buy all that presents..
We're thinking to give him a pair of shoes,tshirts,necklace or maybe other special stuffs. But so far we already have 1 item mentioned previously.
We will be collaborate with LeeJoon Fan Union again for this project.

Minimum amount for donation is RM10. (you are welcome to donate more)
Your donations will be use for buying presents,shipping cost to Korea or to help the Fan Union's project.

Donation can be made to this account:

or if you want to use paypal, please send your donation at this email

and then please fill in this form after you donate

Sorry, we will not accept any personal presents from you, but you can send birthday cards to us, we will include it in the presents.
Card size must not bigger than A4 size. Ready made cards or your own made cards, it doesn't matter. Be creative!
All cards must reach me before 27/1.
Please email me at or @myblaqproject on twitter if you need help.

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