Tuesday, 19 February 2013

[FAN GOODS] MIRMI Photobook & DVD (아름다운 미르에게)

MIRMI Photobook & DVD (아름다운 미르에게)

-200 ~ 220 pages
-Rendezvous paper
-2012 pictures (include unpublished)

-about 60 minutes to 80 minutes
-They'll work only in a computer
-pictures (size = B5) 20pages
-2012 Asia Tour (Seoul, Osaka, Yokohama)
-undisclosed FANCAM debut ~ 2012

(The specification can be changed.)


A set: photo book
Perks: Photo set, mini-posters, blocking electromagnetic waves sticker
RM155 (estimated price including shipping and postage)

B set: DVD
Perks: Photo set, Pen, memo paper
RM95 (estimated price including shipping and postage)

C set: A + B set
RM200 (estimated price including shipping and postage)

*paypal fee included
*any extra balance for this purchases will be use for Mir's birthday project/MBLAQ Comeblaq project.
*we will let you know if there's extra balance or additional payment.

How to order?
Please fill in this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1txHHoevfkqG-MI9JKRT_qJ2dp2aWi9e3dxYaoXraWTk/viewform after you make payment.

Bank Account



For MALAYSIAN fans only.

Any questions, please email me at myblaqproject@gmail.com or rockafella87@gmail.com, or contact me on twitter at @MYBLAQProject or @rucci87.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

[PROJECT] MBLAQ MIR 23rd Birthday.

Hello all!!~
We're back with organizing Mir's birthday project!!
This time we will collaborate with MBLAQ Mir's fansite MIRMI..
The project is quite similar with our previous birthday project for Joon.
So here are the details..

Yes, we need donations.. Donations from you guys to buy him presents for his birthday. Not just that, to cover the shipping cost from Malaysia to Korea!!
Donation start at RM10. Yup, you are welcome to donate more.

Donation can be made to this account:
If you want to use paypal, please send your donation at this email blurry_rockafella@yahoo.com.

Or if you want to donate to MIRMI but you don't have paypal you can send your donation to us. Donation to MIRMI starts at RM20 (5USD including paypal fee), and don't forget to leave your message to Mir. We will deliver your message to MIRMI. (only for those who donate to MIRMI)Due date is on Wednesday 20/2.

And then please fill in this form after you donate https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1g2TH4UJDAMvHYIq11q0NmeOh3wfvMWBs2HI8MEmNq3w/viewform

Sorry, we will not accept any personal presents from you, but you can send birthday cards to us, we will include it in the presents. Card size must not bigger than A4 size. Ready made cards or your own made cards, it doesn't matter. Be creative!
But make sure your cards will reach us by Wednesday 27/2. You can send using poslaju/pos ekspress.

Any question you can send us an email at myblaqproject@gmail.com or find us in twitter @MYBLAQProject.

Due date for our project is on Wednesday 27/2.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

[PROJECT] Rice Wreath Project for MBLAQ Thunder's Drama Debut

Rice Wreath Project for MBLAQ Thunder first debut drama Nail Shop in Paris Press Conference.
Malaysian A+ will be working together with THAT'S RIGHT (MBLAQ Thunder's Fan Site)

Send your donation to:

MAYBANK -164164894664
CIMB -13050035477527

Due date:
18th February 2013

Any questions you can send email to mblaqmalaysiaofficial@gmail.com or myblaqproject@gmail.com (we're helping them to promote this project) or mention @CDThunder @sueLaiey on twitter.

Please support our visual maknae for his drama debut. :)