Tuesday, 22 October 2013

[PROJECT] Rice Wreath Support Project for MBLAQ Concert in Seoul on 23/11.

Hello A+!

We will send rice wreath support for MBLAQ Sensation Concert in Seoul on 23rd of November.
Last year we donated 70kg of rice, we are targeting to donate more for this year. So, if you want to see this again please donate :)

We accept any amount of donation.
If you want to donate, please send your donation to:


or paypal: blurry_rockafella@yahoo.com

After you donate, please email the transaction details as a proof.
Any questions you contact us on twitter or send us an email to myblaqproject@gmail.com.

Due date: 21/11/2013


We will give a special gift to donors, but gifts are very limited.
We have 12 MBLAQ posters and 7 pieces of Rough Play's pamphlets to be given away. (all from Korea :))
12 posters contains: 1 Seungho 1 G.O, 1 Lee Joon, 1 Thunder, 1 Mir, 1 G.O & Mir, 5 MBLAQ(-1).
(all free gifts while stock last)

Donate RM30 you will receive 1 free poster.
Donate RM20 you will receive 1 Rough Play's pamphlet.
(you have to pay for the delivery cost)

Please email us before you donate!

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