Tuesday, 23 September 2014

[Fan Goods] CheriSH_Seungho 2015 Calendar + Photobook

- 230x150
-table calendar

Special gift
-Electromagnetic wave sticker, photo card 5 pics

Price (estimated)
Calendar RM90. (If we get at least 3 copies)
Photobook RM160 (If we get at least 3 copies)
Set (Calendar + Photobook) RM210 (If we get at least 2-3 copies)

Estimated price above is including shipping and postage. The price is converted using currency exchange in Paypal, so it might different from time to time. Any additional or extra balance I will notify you once payment has been made to the fansite master.

How to order?
Send email to myblaqproject@gmail.com
Subject: CheriSH 2015 Calendar + Photobook

-Quantity: (please state calendar, or photobook, or set)

Due date: 18 October 2014

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