Wednesday, 1 October 2014

[Fan Goods] Mirmi 2015 Calendar and Slogan

-230mm x 150mm

Benefits: Photo set, Coin Pouch, Mini poster (can be change)

-105cm X 21cm
-melon cotton 

Benefit to all : pin badge, zipper bag

Price: (Estimated)
Calendar RM110
Slogan RM80
Set (Calendar + Slogan) RM140

*I suggest to buy in set..

Estimated price above is including shipping and postage. The price is converted using currency exchange in Paypal, so it might different from time to time. Any additional or extra balance I will notify you once payment has been made to the fansite master.

How to order?
Send email to
Subject: Mirmi 2015 Calendar + Slogan

-Quantity: (please state calendar, or slogan, or set)

Due date: 29 October 2015

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